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Commercial Advisory

The commercial support we provide covers a range of activities aimed at defining strategies, operating methods, and verification of commercial goals.

We propose a complete advisory to facilitate selling’s activities, based on our experience and competence, making account of the following operational phases:

COMMERCIAL STRATEGY The commercial strategy is carried out in the start- up phase and makes it possible to highlight numerous commercial, technical and communicative elements, which are fundamental for correctly structuring all subsequent activities. In the sales phase, the commercial strategy helps to monitor sales trends and make strategic changes if necessary.
COORDINATION The actors of the entire process, such as agencies, sales front/back offices, graphic designers, social media managers and brokers, are coordinated and entered into a data management system. In addition, reports are compiled on contacts, sources, appointments made, purchase proposals collected and preliminaries signed. In this way you have a complete database of advertising feedback along all the marketing stages. This monitoring system allows, via a dedicated app, a complete overview of the commercial progress of the initiative.
BRANDING Design of the naming, logo and payoff (free of copyright restrictions) for the sale of the property to be included on all the communication tools.
EVENTS: Organization of ad hoc events aimed at promoting the project
MARKETING STRATEGY Creation of the marketing strategy and media plan aimed at marketing the individual units
TARGET ANALYSIS Analysis of the market and target audience
COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Elaboration of the communication strategy of a multimedia campaign, creative umbrella concept that is the leitmotif that can be applied to the different activities/tools/channels of communication, including events involving the different target audiences
WEB MARKETING Website creation and dedicated Landing Page
ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT: Management and monitoring of the entire process, from the acquisition of the ‘qualified lead’ to the formalization of the appointment for a visit
GANTT: Support tools to graphically represent the timing and progress of the project
BEAUTY CONTEST Identification through Beauty Contest of the most suitable agency or consultants for the operation, with definition of the brief and project guidelines.
COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY Phase that includes the study and sharing of the commercial strategies, supervision for the setting up of the sales spaces and a process of coordination of the agency activities by the brokers.